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Our home Ranch, Farm Zaagkuil and Rietbokvallei, Waterberg district Limpopo Province

South Africa.

 Farm size 9000 Acres.


Total concessions 90,000 acres




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  Pro Hunting Africa Wildlife Safaris believes in the conservation of wildlife through utilization. Selective hunting plays a major role in maintaining natures balance. Through civilization natures predators had to make way for mankind.

Here you can enjoy the roar of the African Bushveld instead of the city noise you became so used to. The bush and nature talk to you...silence....bird calls...animal sounds.


Our personal service is guaranteed by Kobus Potgieter, a qualified Hunting Outfitter and Professional Hunter with an extensive knowledge of the African Wildlife. Being in the hunting business for seven years and he spent most of his life time on game farms and in nature.




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Registered Professional Hunter and Outfitter in terms of the laws of the Republic of South Africa













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